Ahmed held his phone firmly as he ends the call.

This is the third agent I have hired to help me perfect my
title to this plot of land after the other two absconded with my money!. Dear God, please let this be the finalHe prayed…

Success is always waiting at the corridor of failure...

Ahmed is an aspiring young man in his early 30’s. A computer science graduate from University of Lagos; he was determined to create a good life for himself and 4 other siblings despite their poor background. 5 years ago, immediately after his NYSC, Ahmed left his parents house in Bariga to hustle across Lagos.

After jumping from one job to another he finally got a big break when he landed a software engineering job with an ICT firm that partners Google Africa. With handsome salary and fat commission on projects, he soon joined the young millionaire’s club.

Now is the time to become a landowner...

With his new found wealth and comfort, Ahmed decided to build his first house in Lagos. He was introduced Agada, a real estate agent who showed him a nice piece of land in … Ahmed quickly pay for the land and began mobilizing men to site. 

Now he feels on top of the world: 

“After years of toiling, this Bariga born guy can also become a proud landowner in Lagos. Life is beautiful”. Ahmed thank God for his luck.

In Lagos, land palaver respects no one...

Few weeks into the supposed development. Ahmed got a big shock when the building engineer he contracted told him the land falls under government acquisition and as a result he will be trespassing on government property except he obtains special permit. What will he do now…when you think you have finally scale through, something happens.

You need to beware of fraudulent real estate agents...

A friend at the office came to his rescue. She introduced him to Adekunmi, a land specialist who will help resolve the land title. Ahmed reluctantly paid the specialist N300k to sort the government acquisition and then the drama began. Adekunmi absconded for 2 months and when he finally showed up, he demanded for additional N200k to enable him complete the processing.

Ahmed would have none of it. He demand refund without any success. It’s been 18 months, Ahmed has hired the third agent but he is still stuck. His job keeps him busy throughout the week and he is very frustrated that a simple land purchase transaction has dragged for several months.

Don't be too shy to ask for help, especially when buying lands in lagos.

Are you looking to buy affordable serviced plots without any hassle? Maybe you really desire to build a decent apartment in an exclusive environment where the development matches your aspirations. 

I know you love comfort and the good life. So let’s take a moment and talk about your next level move…

All over Lagos, realtors will offer you deals of the day asking you to come inspect a viable piece of land so you can build your dream home.

More often than not, the investment runs into millions and the realtor assure you that they have done their due diligence. In other words, you are about to buy peace of mind. Fast forward to a few months after you have made the ‘purchase’ things begin to get awry…

special offer


Buy PEACE OF MIND AND build your dream home in less than 6 months

There is no better asset to own than one that increases in value over the long term and keeps pace with inflation.

Permit me to introduce to you Gracias Court 1, developed and marketed by Gracias Properties Limited, a reputable real estate company in Lagos Nigeria.

GRACIAS COURTS is an irresistible offer for all smart investors hunting for the fairest deal within prime locations. This estate offers opportunity for a high return on investment (ROI)


Now, let’s talk about a few important facts about this estate:

Location: Sangoteo Eti Osa, Behind Novare Shopping Mall (Shoprite)



Title: Government Approved Excision

Types of Plots: Residential And Commercial


where you can truly relax

Let’s face it. Modern life can be stressful; balancing work, relationships and family commitments doesn’t leave a great deal of time to simply sit back and relax.

Building your home on Gracias Court 1 can make all the difference, positively! 

Whether you make the move permanently or utilize your property as a base for vacations, having an oceanside getaway gives you the opportunity to unwind whenever the mood takes you.

Why Should You Invest in Gracias Court 1 Estate?

  • Gracias  Court 1 Estate is situated Close to the main road with access to… that means your drive from home to work become so easy that you will never have to worry about safety or the time it takes to get around.
  • The estate boasts of essential amenities like area-wide perimeter fencing, central security, estate administration.
  • The title to this piece of real estate is a government approved certificate of occupancy with deed of sales covering each residence.
  • This estate is designed to attract upwardly mobile professionals like you so the environment fosters that urban and human community that is ideal for raising family as well as connecting for business interest in the long run
Gracias court 1b

What about the present development? 

Gracias Court 1 Estate boasts of the best amenities and infrastructure you can have in a modern serviced plots estate. Here is what we are talking about:



What about the future prospects?

What Happens When The Proposed Development In This Region Matures?

Due to the foresight of the management of Gracias Properties, we have factored the global development masterplan of the entire Sangotedo-Ajah region into our acquisition and design of this rare piece of real estate.

You will be living in an environment that is 100% residential while enjoying the wider amenities of a fast-paced developed metropolis with blue chip companies and global investors rushing to buy lands surrounding this estate. 

Apart from the increased price, the overall quality of life in Gracias Atlantic View Estate is bound to improve and that is a great benefit for your finances and well-being ion the long-run?

How to buy into this rare piece of real estate

You too can buy into our Gracias Court 1 Estate, Sangotedo with just N5m. Every serviced plot is covered by valid Government Excision. What is more, you can start building immediately your plots are allotted.


600SQM now selling @N9.6M per plot



Where is Gracias Atlantic View Estate?

Gracias Atlantic View Estate is situated at Sangotedo (Eti-Osa), off Monastery Road.

What type of Title does Gracias Global have on the land?

Government Approved Excision, Deed of Assignment with land owners, Lagos State Approved Survey Plan, Approved Layout Plan.

What do I get after the initial / completion payment of my land?

Payment Receipt, Invoice and Contract of Sale.

What are the payment structures?

Outright, 3months, 6 months, 9months and 12 months.

What do I get at the point of allocation of my land?

Letter of Allocation, Deed of Assignment and Survey Plan.

Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

No, there is no time limit to commence work but maintainers of the undeveloped plots must be done frequently for the safety of the residents living in the Estate.

Wish to learn more about Gracias Court 1 Estate?

What Now? You have the option to see our Estate for yourself

We know you may have a few questions to ask and would love to see the estate firsthand. That is why we schedule regular visits to our estates virtually and physically. All you need do is schedule an inspection and we will get back to you. 

Alternatively, if you would like to take the first step towards buying any of our serviced plots, you can just apply right away and start the journey towards becoming a proud owner of a piece of the Gracias Court 1 Estate today.

office address:

GRACIAS GROUP BUILDING KM 46, Lekki Epe Expressway, Corner Bustop by United Estate before Novare Shoprite Sangotedo, Eti Osa Lagos State. Email:


Gracias Global Court 1 ,Okun-Ajah Rd, Lagos
0703 410 0175 (Calls)
0703 410 0176 (Whatsapp)

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