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Frequently Asked Questions

All our properties are owned and developed by us @ Gracias Global Homes & Property Nigeria Limited.

We provide all the basic infrastructures like Perimeter fencing, Gate house and Earth road.

Our properties are covered by legal titles such as Government Approved Excision, Deed of Assignment with land owners, Lagos State Approved Survey Plan, Approved Layout Plan

Our apartments come in different sizes and styles: 1 Bedroom flat, 2 Bedroom flat, 3 Bedroom flat ( STYLE A STYLE B), 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex with a BQ,  4 Bedroom Terrace Duplex with a BQ.

Yes all our properties are located along motorable routes for easy access.

All sales are covered by Contract of sale, Invoice and Receipt for the payment made.

No, there is no time limit to commence work but maintainers of the undeveloped

Our plots come in three sizes namely 600sqm , 400 sqm, 300sqm.

YES, but we have to be informed for documentation.

No, The land is free from any adverse claim and it is free from government acquisition.

make the right property investment

At Gracias Properties, we are always eager to help our clients invest wisely. We invite you to check our property portfolio so you can choose what match your needs.

Coral Cities, Now Selling Fast!

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