“The famous quote by John Rohn goes:

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Intentional people recognise this ideal, and ensure to take advantage of opportunities when they arise!”

Meet jide the great guy...

A tall dark dude in his late 30’s; always sporting a well-trimmed full beard, Jide is an upwardly-mobile professional that fortune has smiled on. 

Jide is at that point in his career where everything seems okay. He earns big bucks and drives an exotic Lexus jeep. His lovely fair-skinned wife and their dotting daughter give him the joy any young man would pray to have.

Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise. Jide has been battling a demon for months un- end. He deserves a better life, but he is stuck. Sitting at his desk at a special corner as a manager in the office, Jide ruminates over his blessings and this single demon that has refused to let him have a full bliss in the last 15 months.

Why live with pests and other nasty inconveniences...?

He recalls how pests like cockroaches have continued to make his apartment a mess. He had spent so much on fumigation with no result. 

Thrice last month, his bedroom has been flooded with feaces when the plumbing fittings connecting his toilet to the top-floor toilet broke in the middle of the night. The most recent happened while his mother-in-law came on a visit.

Searching for solutions to your accomodation hassles...

He had spoken with the property manager and after series of meetings, the children of the landlord couldn’t agree on the budget to fix their late dad’s building. 

Jide needs a new apartment and this time he vowed not to get it wrong.

So grabbing his keyboard he bagan to surf the net starting on Facebook. As God would have it, he stumbled on an ad that first seems too good to be true.

The ad reads:

special offer


Gracias Goldstone Extension is offering prime, ready-to-build plots of land for a limited time. Will you take advantage of this opportunity?

It was an offer to become a proud owner (not a tenant) of a beautifully built apartment at Gracias Goldstone Extension with the option of installment payments. 

He found out that the estate is located at Sangotedo, Ajah close to major landmarks such as:

  • Catholic Monastery
  • Diamond Estate
  • Skymall
  • Lufasi Nature
  • Park 
  • Emperor Estate
  • Novare mall

Jide couldn’t believe the offer, so he decided to subscribe to a 3 bedroom apartment which is well within his pay grade. After scheduling inspection, he took his lovely wife along to inspect the property and was amazed at the number of residences on display by the Gracias Properties team. 

The wife loved the ambience and the fact that putting their daughter in a new school wouldn’t be a big deal considering the fact that there are a number of reputable private schools around the estate.

Jide heaved a sigh of relief and said, “now, I can finally bid farewell to my ill-maintained roaches infested tenancy apartment and all the headache of dealing with heartless property manager and their landlord”.

How about you my friend...

  • Are you looking to move into a comfortable premium apartment that fits your status and taste?
  • Maybe you really desire to live in a newly built apartment where you are more than a tenant.
  • I know you love comfort and the good life. So let’s take a moment and talk about your next level move…

Meet Nigeria's foremost property company that's changing countless lives


its your turn to take advantage of easy buy exclusive Apartment from Gracias Properties

Permit me to introduce to you Gracias Goldstone Extension, developed and marketed by Gracias Properties Limited, a reputable real estate company in Lagos Nigeria.  

Gracias Properties has been tried and trusted by hundreds of Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora. 

Gracias Goldstone Extension is a purpose built luxury apartments in Sangotedo, Ajah area of Lagos. The estate is designed for smart upwardly mobile individual who want to live in a serene environment while still accessing Lagos boisterous commercial opportunities.

Whether outright purchase or instalment payment, you too can be a proud owner  of our beautiful 2-4 bed apartments. Few apartments left !

Why Should You Invest in Gracias Goldstone Extension?

  • Gracias  Goldstone Extension is situated Close to the main road with access to… that means your drive from home to work become so easy that you will never have to worry about safety or the time it takes to get around.
  • The estate boasts of essential amenities like area-wide perimeter fencing, central security, estate administration.
  • The title to this piece of real estate is a government approved certificate of occupancy with deed of sales covering each residence.
  • This estate is designed to attract upwardly mobile professionals like you so the environment fosters that urban and human community that is ideal for raising family as well as connecting for business interest in the long run

Primary Development


What Happens When The Proposed Development In This Region Matures?

Due to the foresight of the management of Gracias Properties, we have factored the global development masterplan of the entire Sangotedo-Ajah region into our acquisition and design of this rare piece of real estate.


You will be living in an environment that is 100% residential while enjoying the wider amenities of a fast-paced developed metropolis with blue chip companies and global investors rushing to buy lands surrounding this estate. 

Apart from the increased price, the overall quality of life in Gracias Goldstone Extension is bound to improve and that is a great benefit for your finances and well-being ion the long-run?

How to buy into this rare piece of real estate

Whether you live in Nigeria or overseas, its your turn to take advantage of a rare piece of real estate investment in the heart of Lagos. All you need is choose from the apartment options and clickon the button below to access the reservation page where you will get to subscribe for your chosen apartment and make payment. Below are some things you need to know

  • Location: Sangotedo, Eti-Osa Local Government
  • Neighbourhood: Novare Shopping Mall off Monastery Road, Lagos State.
  • Title: C of O (Ajah Community C of O)
  • Land size: 400 sqm

As you can see from the flier above, Gracias Goldstone Extension is a fully developed residential estate with certificate of occupancy. The Residence is designed to fit different budget, preference and family size. Here are the 5 design options and their respective prices.

We have made it Easy

We have made it easy for you. To  buy any of these, you can simply make the one-off payment and we will quickly process your purchase.Alternatively you can take the first step by paying an initial deposit of N3m and pay the balance upon allocation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gracias Goldstone is located at Sangotedo, Eti-Osa Local Government, Lagos State.

Gracias Global Homes & Property Nigeria Limited.

Certificate of Occupancy (Ajah Community Global C of O)

Minimum deposit of N3,000,000 as initial payments, you are expected to make subsequent payment as and when due (Monthly / Quarterly).

5% of total cost of the house as legal documentation (Deed of Assignment)

Payable on or before 100% of the total cost of the house.

Payment receipt for the payment made, Invoice and Contract of Sale. Subsequent payment receipt will be issued for every payment made.

Letter of Allocation, Deed of Assignment and Estate Agreement.

Your house will be allocated to you after 75% payment and keys will be handed over to you after 100% payment.
Taking possession of the property will only be granted after making 100% of all required payments.

A phase of Gracias Residence Goldstone will be habitable from 2021.

What Now? You have the option to see our Estate for yourself

We know you may have a few questions to ask and would love to see the estate firsthand. That is why we schedule regular visits to our estates virtually and physically. All you need do is schedule an inspection and we will get back to you. 


Invest in a Premium Residence Today!

Alternatively, if you would like to take the first step towards buying any of our premium residences, you can just apply right away and start the journey towards becoming a proud owner of a piece of the Gracias Goldstone Extension today.


office address:


GRACIAS GROUP BUILDING KM 46, Lekki Epe Expressway, Corner Bustop by United Estate before Novare Shoprite Sangotedo, Eti Osa Lagos State. Email:


Gracias Goldstone Residence, Eti-Osa, Lekki

0703 410 0175 (Calls)
0703 410 0176 (WhatsApp)

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