Discover a Quick Way to Build Your Dream House in Lagos Without Losing Your Money and Peace of Mind Even If You Earn A Little Above Average Income!

This will save you from needless land tussle, fake agents and the nightmare of dubious building engineers

If you are eager to invest in premium serviced estates in the heart of Lagos this very year, then I would like to show you how to achieve that goal without stress.

In order words, I will show you how to buy affordable piece of real estate before putting your hard-earned money into any landed property deal.

Someone may say, “what’s the big deal? buying land isn’t difficult.

Well that depends on your approach and  the parties you deal with.

Many people have lost their hard-earned money in the name of investing in real estate.

Take Tunde as an example

Consider the story of Tunde, a savvy event consultant in Surulere, Lagos.

In 2015, he approached some real estate firms in Ajah with the hope to invest in some estates in that axis.

After 2 months of searching, one realtor offered him a corner-piece property in a residential estate. Tunde was so glad that he finally got a corner-piece property at an affordable price.

But his joy was short-lived!

A few months after concluding the deal, the company began to put pressure on him.

Some Lagos Realtors can be very frustrating...

Tunde pleaded for time, stating his cash constraints. But the company insisted he must start building ASAP to retain the plots.

Eight months later, 

He finally saved up the capital required to build his dream house.

So Tunde visited the estate to inspect the plots.

He was shocked when he discovered that his plots had been sold to a new person.

To make matters worse, that fellow has started building.

Frustrated and disappointed, Tunde went straight to the company’s office to express his grievance and demand complete refunds.

After exchanging blame, the company finally offered him another property as compensation.

Unfortunately, the new plot is not suitable for his intended use.

The drama dragged for another 18 months until he was forced to sell-off the second property so he can move to another part of Ajah to start all over again.


Here is the No. 1 Factor for investing a stress-free estate

It is not every property on sale that will meet your needs.

The No. 1 factor for buying a stress-free property is to buy from a reputable and trustworthy person(s). In fact, I would say whom you are dealing with is more important than what you are actually buying.

You must take out time to carefully research and ask pertinent questions before committing your hard-earned money to that real estate deal.

Buyer beware!

Don’t jsut say yes to every land/estate deal that comes your way. Look before leaping!

Buyer Beware of Wolves in Realtors' Attire!

All over Lagos, realtors will offer you deals of the day asking you to come to inspect a viable property of land so you can build your dream home. 

More often than not, the investment runs into millions and the realtor assure you that they have done their due diligence. 

In other words, you are about to buy peace of mind. 

Fast forward to a few months after you have made the ‘purchase’ things begin to get awry…

You try to mobilize men and materials to site either directly or via the Developer Company and excuses began to pop up one after the other.

Find a Reliable Real Estate Company and stick with them

Do you due diligence. 

Ask questions; ask a friend to refer some one they have done business with. 

That is how to avoid stories that touch…

The truth is not every property on sale that will meet your needs.

You must take out time to carefully research and ask pertinent questions before committing your hard-earned money to that real estate deal.

That itself can be so time-consuming and tiring if you are a busy business owner or professional.

What if there is a way to make things work?

What if there is a way to go about real estate investment without losing your sleep?

Sure, there is.                                         

Permit me to quickly introduce a more reliable company to you.


special offer



It’s time to INVEST. Choose Gracias Morganite Idera Scheme!!!

Tons of money and professional expertise have been invested by Gracias Group to create a safe haven for individual who want to get on the property ladder without breaking the bank or having to go through land-acquisition hassles.

Due to this swift, brilliant investment over the years, Gracias Group now has various estates in the heart of Lagos. Gracias Morganite Idera Scheme is one of the estates developed and marketed by Gracias Properties Limited.  

Gracias Morganite Idera Scheme which corridors a lot of industrial projects such as the dangote refinery, lekki free trade zone and a lot more, is the talk of the town, people are now focused on this axis as it offers seamless opportunity for a high return of investment (ROI).

You should get on board and buy Serviced plots at Gracias Morganite Idera Scheme today before this amazing opportunity sails away…

Invest in Real estate! Invest in Gracias Morganite Idera Scheme

How About the Estate Neighbourhood?

For over 2 years, Gracias Properties Limited has invested tons of money and professional expertise to create a safe haven for individuals who want acquire a piece of Lagos premium real estate without breaking the bank or stressing over land-acquisition hassles.

Epe also corridors a lot of industrial projects such as the Dangote refinery, Lekki free trade zone, Lekki deep sea port e.t.c

Many persons are now focused on this axis as it offers a seamless opportunity for a high return of investment (ROI).

Our Gracias Morganite Estate offers you the opportunity to invest in Lekkiat at a very affordable rate.

Neighbourhood: Before Eleko Junction, Lekki Epe expressway, adjacent Dangote Jetty, Lekki Free zone, Lekki Town Ogbeju Lekki

Title: family lodged survey, deed of assignment with landowners, survey and layout plan

Types of plots: residential and commercials

Why Should You Invest in Gracias Morganite Estate?

Morganite Estate is situated in Lekki Town with access to… which means your drive from home to work become so easy that you will never have to worry about safety or the time it takes to get around.

The title to this piece of real estate is a family lodged deed of sale and survey plan covering each plot to execute in your own name. With that you never have to worry about acquiring a disputed property.

This estate is designed to attract upwardly mobile professionals like you so the environment fosters that urban and human community that is ideal for raising family as well as connecting for business interest in the long run

Now let's talk about...


Gracias Morganite is located at Idera Housing Scheme Eleko, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State.

Gracias Global Homes & Property Nigeria Limited.

YES, other Levy to be paid at the appropriate time are:

  • 500sqm - N5, 000,000
  • 450sqm – N4, 800,000
  • 400sqm – N4, 600,000
  • 350sqm – N4, 400,000

After 100% completion of all payment has been made in full inclusive of all other fees.

Letter of Allocation, Deed of Assignment and Survey Plan.

Contract of sale, Invoice and Receipt for the payment made.

Outright, 3months, 6 months only
Corner Piece plots attract 20% Surcharge to the cost of the land.

Government allocated C of O.

The annual service is a fee made by subscribers to the estate, at the beginning of each year to finance the general maintenance of the estate and this will be communicated at the appropriate time.

Yes, the road to the Estate is motorable.

office address:


GRACIAS GROUP BUILDING KM 46, Lekki Epe Expressway, Corner Bustop by United Estate before Novare Shoprite Sangotedo, Eti Osa Lagos State. Email:

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